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Now till 8/31/14: Buy any 3 massages at full price, get one free. (Must be paid in full at one time)
-MTSI has a 24-hr cancellation policy. If you are booked and cancel with less than 24hrs notice you will need to pay for your cancelled appointment in full before any more appointments will be made. I understand emergencies come up but due to repeat offenders I am strictly enforcing this policy to ensure that MTSI stays in business! If I cant pay my rent, I cant be here for you! If you book on a voucher and cancel or reschedule without 24hrs notice or no show, the voucher is forfeited.

-Please do not contact me before 8am. MTSI is privately owned and to ensure you receive the quickest call-backs possible, my personal phone is my work phone. Please be courteous and keep the contact between 8am and 10pm. 
-Voucher clients who will soon be expiring: Please do not have the expectation that you will get a same day or next day appointment. Please book in advance to save your voucher! If you purchased a 3 massage voucher, the promotional price does not apply to all 3 massages unless all 3 are booked and used before the 180 period.

-MTSI is currently booked out about 12-14 days in advance. Some short notice appointments are available but not many, especially during the popular late afternoon/early evening hours- call to book your appointment today! 

Please stay posted: MTSI will be offering Personal Training soon. Mary has completed all training and passed all examinations (and with very high scores!) and upon receipt of the actual Certification and additional insurance, these services will be added to the menu. Please call or write with any questions or requests! 


1- 60 min Swedish Massage plus your choice of 2 add ons, 65. +tax
2- 3/60 min Swedish Massages 149. +tax
3- 3/60min Integrated Massages 199. +tax

Newborn and Infant Massage Instruction
As you may already know, I am an instructor of Baby's First Massage, the premiere Newborn and Infant Massage program designed by R.N. Sandra Newkirk. Massage is a proven, safe method of bonding, promoting weight gain and body temperature regulation (especially for preemies!), colic reduction; it helps newborns and infants pass gas  and  bowel moments, calms a fussy or over-stimulated baby and promotes healthy and mutually beneficial emotional/psycho-social development. This class is for new and not-so-new parents and grands, older siblings, sitters and all other caregivers. It provides a great level of comfort and confidence to all levels of caregivers in their abilities and it is a wonderful experience to have with your little one/s! 

Classes held by demand. The class is 90min and cost is 25. per family. Class size is limited so please call asap to reserve your spot. Spaces are open to prenatal and delivered clients (prenatal clients may bring a life size baby doll to learn on, others may bring baby in!)

Please browse the site and call for a consultation or to make your appointment today. I look forward to talking with you, meeting you and helping you achieve your ultimate state of mind-body-spirit wellness and peace. 

Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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